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Laura Case

Laura Case

Welcome to The Laura Case Trust

Laura had been working at a hospital in Kisiizi as part of her final year's medical training in Uganda. She was killed in a traffic accident there in February 2007, just after her 24th birthday. 

Her family and friends have set up the Trust to celebrate Laura's life and to support projects we believe she would have felt important. These are in the medical and educational fields, and will be the sort of projects where comparatively small amounts of money given directly will have a significant effect.

Since we established the Trust, we’ve made grants of over £380,000 to projects in Uganda, and East Africa, other developing countries and in the UK.

We often like to support projects that invest in people – such as skills development, staff appointments, and professional training – and projects where, by supporting a pilot at its early stages, we can help grantees prove the case for support and evidence best practice, which in turn can lead to larger support from more established funders who can invest at a scale above ours. In the past we have supported projects that advance women/ girls and children, and their access to healthcare and education, as well as projects with a special focus on trauma medicine in Central and East Africa. Our biggest successes have been projects where we’ve had a material impact on the life of an individual which in turn has impacted a community, or where we have created a culture change in a place or organisation.

See the Our Impact or Projects pages for more information on grants we’ve supported since 2007.

If you have an idea for something we could support, write to us via the Contact Us page.