Since 2013

  • 80% of our grants have gone towards beneficiaries in Africa

  • Of which, 70% benefitted people in Uganda specifically

  • Only 24% of grants we made were more than £10,000 per year, but over 53% of all grants have been granted over two or more years

  • 59% of all grants were spent on medical school training, healthcare sector skills development or medical sector professional training

  • 37% of our grants have been spent on education (primary, secondary and tertiary)

  • 4% has been spent on medical research and evaluation

  • 54% of our grants have targeted women and children


Of our grants made to the medical sector:

  • 49% have been spent supporting medical school training for individuals

  • 20% have been spent on trauma-informed training, including paediatric trauma hospital triage programmes 

  • 17% have been spent on programmes supporting obstetrics and maternity medicine

  • 6% on research

  • 4% on post-graduate training

  • 3% on community healthcare initiatives 

  • 1% on equipment


Cost of administering grants: £0