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2007 Projects

A Wheelchair to Sussex   |   £3,235

Although The Trust is focussed on Africa, we are also happy to be engaged in worthwhile projects in the UK. Luke's wheelchair was just one of these.

A wheelchair is essential to Luke's mobility and overall wellbeing. A teenager, he had rapidly outgrown his previous wheelchair, but the NHS was not able to fund a new one for another year. In the meantime, Luke was being wheeled around in an armchair on wheels. Not only was this very difficult and cumbersome for his Mum, but an armchair doesn't provide any of the spinal support and structure of a medical wheelchair. His lack of mobility was also making it very difficult for him to attend school.

We were therefore pleased to be able to buy Luke a new wheelchair (approximately £3,235).The wheelchair has already made great improvements to his posture and health,and his school attendance has increased significantly since using it.